The neoV laser unit is indicated for Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA), for treatment of varicose veins. The disease has significant prevalence in the general population. Up to 55% of women and 45% of men suffer from venous disease. Of these up to 25% of women and 15% of men will have visible varicose veins. Surgical treatment methods include open surgery, stripping, and minimally invasive techniques. Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) provides the optimal tool for vein treatment in a minimally invasive method with reduced complication rates and high efficacy. By applying laser energy, the inner part of the vessel wall gets irreversibly destroyed, thus eliminating the dysfunctional vein. The vessel will be resorbed in the following months. Major studies have demonstrated speedier recovery and fewer complications using minimally invasive treatment techniques. The recent introduction of 1470nm energy, with higher absorption in water, and as a result, less collateral thermal damage has improved the technique further, enabling safe, rapid, and precise use of energy to coagulate the vessel with minimal impact on neighboring structures.

The neoV1470 for EVLA is currently the highest growth EVLA platform globally, with installations in over 20 countries, over 10,000 procedures successfully performed, and a rapidly growing number of satisfied customers, due to its high clinical efficacy, safety, reliability, ease of use, and stability.



  • Minimally Invasive Technique – EVLA allows minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins through a small puncture for vein access without need for vein stripping and surgery. Major advantages include reduced pain, quicker healing and better outcome, as well as shorter procedures enabling better throughput for the clinic.
  • Optimal Wavelength – The neoV1470 provides the optimal wavelength for EVLA treatments. Sitting on a peak of water absorption, 1470nm energy is more localized when applied in blood and soft tissue, leading to less thermal trauma, less collateral damage, and a result less pain immediately post op. The procedures may be completed at lower energy dosages (30-64J/cm of vein) in a safe and effective manner.
  • Optimal Energy Delivery – Energy delivery to the diseased vein is performed using neoLaser’s CORONA 360 fiber technology, providing 360 circular emission directed at the vessel wall, providing the optimal energy emission for treatment. The use of this unique fiber technology has been associated with less pain, bruising, as well as ability to support lower dosages.
  • Versatility of Platform – The neoV unit can be used with a wide selection of carrying fibers, from the premium CORONA 360, through the CORONA 360 Slim, to Bare Fiber Kits. Whatever your preference of treatment, we can support it.
  • EVLA Presets – The neoV platform comes equipped with presets which are synchronized to the pullback speed of the fiber, providing the user with clear and simple audio feedback, ensuring uniform pullback speed, and proper application of laser energy dosage in the vein.
  • Portability – The neoV is the most portable EVLA unit on the market. With only 3.5Kg and a customized high quality carrying suitcase, it can be used in multiple clinics and support procedures in multiple locations.
  • Value – The neoV platform provides the best value on the market for EVLA treatments through unique design, quality, portability and state-of-the-art performance.


DHF-001-R-009 Rev 5 Neolaser-neoV_vascular_2p_print_10_28_2015-01

The neoV unit with up to 10 Watts from the fiber tip and user-friendly fiber pullback synchronization presets, enables a wide range of application dosages for treatment of small to large veins. Laser energy is delivered, via an optical fiber, into the diseased vein and is used to thermally ablate and close off the dysfunctional vein. Endovenous laser thermal ablation presents a state of the art treatment modality with high efficacy and safety.


The CORONA 360 fiber with full circular emission represents the optimal delivery of energy to the surrounding vein wall. neoLaser’s CORONA fiber technology enables circular emission with either a 1.8mm tip for large veins, or 1.3mm tip for smaller veins. The fiber tip is FUSED (not glued) to ensure optimal safety in use inside the vein. In addition, the fiber jacket is comprised of reduced friction material, and equipped with laser markings (not ink) for top performance.


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